Advanced English

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Course content

You will learn:
· Collocations to describe giving help.
· Write about someone who has made the difference in your life.

You will learn:
· Collocations to describe trends.
· Write a prediction about a product or service using the grammatical  form and target vocabulary.

You will learn:
· Discuss making decisions based on user reviews - asking the audience questions.
· Verb patterns with -ing and infinitive.

You will learn:
· Communication methods.
· Write what you learned about a topic.

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Cristina Gómez

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Características del curso

  • Duración:                                        40 horas
  • Modalidad:                       presencial
  • Sede:                   El Tecal
  • Requisitos: 
    • Ser panameño
    • Mayor de 17 años